Call for Germany-wide day of action on 18 March!

For some years now, the National Resistance around March 18th commemorates the fate of our political prisoners - mainly through poster campaigns in various cities in Germany. This year we want to put the campaign on a broader base and call all comrades to participate with their own creative actions on the "Day of political prisoners".

The "Day of Political Prisoners" was actually an invention of the Communist International Red Aid in 1923. Today, however, left-wing extremists serve only as chain dogs and fifth column of the system, are financially generously fed and coddled by the state. In the absence of left-wing political prisoners in Germany, the Antifa at best remains to draw attention to the fate of any kindred spirits in the Basque Country, Turkey or Iran. Political prisoners in the FRG and in Austria are today only on the national side - that's why we now make March 18th our "Day of political prisoners"!

We call on you around 18 March throughout Germany with our own creative actions to draw attention to the fate of our imprisoned comrades - of course, in compliance with applicable laws. The issue of the posters will take place this year directly through the NS Heute. Each group of comrades is invited to start their own actions and then send a report with photos to us.

We remember! - We accuse! - We call!

The names Mahler, Fröhlich, Höfs and Küssel and now also Haverbeck are representative of hundreds of political prisoners in the Federal Republic of Germany and Austria, they are representative of tens of thousands of criminal cases annually because of opinion offenses and they are representative of all Germans, who based on their opinion today from System and its henchmen are tracked, harassed and intimidated.

We remember! We recall our comrades in the system dungeons on March 18th - imprisoned for expressing their opinions and for their struggle for a free Germany!

We accuse! We accuse a judicial system that makes itself the whore of the anti-German policy and pulls dissidents, civil rights activists and regime critics in court!

We are calling! We call on all activists to send a strong signal across party and organizational boundaries on March 18, to make the "Day of Political Prisoners" a powerful signal and to prove throughout Germany that our imprisoned comrades are not forgotten!