18 March - Day of political prisoners!

"When was the last time you visited the street, when did you go to the last demo, when did you glue your last poster, distribute flies in your city? ... If you keep in touch with comrades in jail, there is money you can Donation for her? "
Plakat vor Radio Bremen
Plakat bei Verdi Demo Landkreis Hildesheim (u.a.) 2018
Landkreis Hildesheim (u.a.) 2018
Landkreis Hildesheim (u.a.) 2018
Wolfenbüttel 2018
Papenburg 2018
Dortmund 2018
Banneraktion in Berlin
Banneraktion in Berlin

With the song "Deeds Instead of Words" of the Kampfkapelle "Nahkampf" in the background, men in the Hanseatic city of Bremen set out with pewter pails and posters to celebrate the 18th of March, the day of the political prisoners, the FRG citizens to draw attention to our comrades in jail. We will not forget you! Your bondage is the bondage of the German Reich!

For you and us the words Erich Priebkes apply : NEVER GIVE UP!