Article 5 of the Basic Law

"Everyone has the right to freely express and disseminate his or her opinion in speech, writing and pictures, and to teach freely from generally accessible sources." Freedom of the press and the freedom to broadcast and film coverage will be guaranteed, and censorship will not take place. (...) Art and science, research and teaching are free. "
[This is written in Article 5 of the Basic Law]


Horst Mahler

An example is the system critic and former lawyer Horst Mahler - sentenced to over eleven years imprisonment in the Federal Republic of Germany in 2009 - this equates to a life imprisonment at his age.
Horst Mahler did exactly the same thing as the holder of the Nobel Peace Prize Liu Xiaobo from China.
Horst Mahler followed his conscience and expressed his political convictions completely non-violently.. It hardly needs mentioning that almost every homicidal man in the FRG receives a lower sentence. The FRG and China differ practically only in the extent of hypocrisy when it comes to politically inconvenient prisoners.
According to the editors, the Chinese are not the hypocrites! After all, is it the federal government that demands human rights at every appropriate and inappropriate opportunity?